How to Choose an ERP Solution Provider

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a software that deals with the management of resources in the business. It helps the company in decision making process, productivity and overall efficiency. When planning for the future of the ERP solution, choosing the right ERP solution provider in UAE becomes extremely important.

There are many points to consider while choosing an ERP vendor. Before choosing any particular vendor, it is important to know their reputation, track record and how much time they have been in this domain. You can ask from your existing customers and get the feedback about the vendors. The feedback will tell you about the quality of their ERP solutions in Dubai and if there are any issues, which the customer is facing.

While choosing an ERP solution provider, you will be faced with many questions. One of the most important questions you should ask is how the software would integrate with your current systems and how would it run on your current infrastructure. You must be provided with a demo, which will help in understanding the entire process better. While choosing a vendor, one should choose those that have been in this domain for quite some time and are familiar with the complexities as well as the simplicity of implementing and maintaining the software.

Next, analyze the cost factor. Most of the times the software is offered on rent. While this is a less expensive option, but still, you should not ignore the cost factor. The software can cost you more in the long run as maintenance and upgrade works are required regularly. Some of the best ERP packages charge less than $5.000 per month. However, if you can get a good package, you will get all the benefits and great value for your money.

The next step is analyzing the functionality of the software. Since different types of companies use different types of ERP solutions, you should choose a provider that can meet your company’s requirements. Functional capabilities are what the software should be able to perform. For example, vendors that offer hosted ERP solutions do not provide the full functionality as compared to self hosted software. In addition to offering functional capabilities, the provider should be able to provide the latest features as well.

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