Cardiothoracic Surgeons – What Types of Surgeries Do They Perform?

The best cardiothoracic surgeons perform several different types of procedures. These procedures include heart valve surgery, transcatheter structural heart surgery, and Bentall procedures. These operations are very serious and require highly trained and experienced physicians. As a result, the type of training required for a cardiac surgeon is extremely rigorous. This is why you should only trust a cardiac surgeon with a life-saving procedure.

Heart valve surgery:

Heart valve surgery is an important procedure that can save your life. Cardiothoracic surgeons perform the procedure using minimally invasive procedures. The procedure can be scheduled months in advance or immediately. The surgeon will discuss the procedure with you and your family before it is done. After the surgery, you will have several days to recover. You will need IV fluids and medications to control your blood pressure and breathing. A heart-lung bypass machine will be used to support your heart during the recovery process.

Transcatheter structural heart surgery:

Many hospital systems are building structural heart programs to attract new patients and demonstrate their capabilities. A historically strong cardiac surgical program may be outdated in a decade, and a new program will help them remain competitive. It requires a new team approach to cardiac patient care, a partnership between cardiothoracic surgeons and interventionalists, and investments in new imaging equipment, software, and skilled staff.

Bentall procedure:

Although the Bentall procedure is an important part of the treatment for aneurysms of the aorta, it may not be necessary for everyone. Some patients with small aneurysms may not even need surgery. In this situation, healthcare providers may suggest waiting for a while before surgery. However, surgery may be necessary if the aneurysm has not yet ruptured.

The Bentall procedure is a surgical procedure performed by cardiothoracic surgeons. The doctor operates by removing part of the heart. Afterwards, the heart-lung machine is removed. The artificial valve is installed, and the patient’s heartbeat will restart. Depending on the condition of the heart, the surgeon may close an incision in the chest. However, the specifics of the surgery vary from surgeon to surgeon. Considering the above surgeries, you must go through this article.

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