Tips on Buying a Men’s Wedding Suit

Your wedding day is one of the most photographed days of your life, so a mens wedding suit in Dubai should reflect that. While a tailor can custom-make a suit, off-the-rack suits are often less expensive. Fabrics will also determine the formality of a suit. Read on for tips on choosing the right fabric for your wedding. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when buying a wedding suit:

Off-the-rack suits are cheaper than custom-made suits:

Off-the-rack suits are typically cheaper than custom-made suits. Although they can still be expensive, you may be able to get a high-quality suit for a lower price. Off-the-rack suits are often made by machines and lack the high-quality stitching that custom suits offer. Additionally, the seams in off-the-rack suits are often not flexible, and glued interlining can prevent the suit from being flexible.

Fabrics affect the style and formality of a suit:

The fabric choice for a men’s wedding suit greatly influences its appearance. Wool, worsted, and wool-blended fabrics provide a more stately appearance but are also heavier. Wool suits are typically warmer, but linen suits are lighter and breathable. They also pair well with destination and outdoor weddings. Cotton and polyester suits are equally versatile and suitable for any event, budget, and climate.

Cotton – Men’s wedding suits can be cotton, linen, or a cotton-and-linen blend. Cotton suits are light and comfortable, but they tend to wrinkle easily and do not look quite as formal as wool ones. However, men with pale skin should stick to darker, softer navy or grey colors. In addition, well-fitted suits will enhance a man’s height and body type.

Choose the correct attire for the event:

When planning a black-tie wedding, choosing the correct attire for the event is important. Black-tie weddings typically give their guests a few months’ notices of the theme and dress code. While most couples opt for sharp suits and tiered dresses, you may want to incorporate a color scheme to make the event unique.

When deciding on the color to wear for your black-tie wedding, select the appropriate type of attire; cocktail dresses and tea-length gowns are great choices for this type of event. However, choosing a longer gown is recommended if you’re a bride. Black is a classic color for a black-tie wedding, and you can even opt for jewel-toned fabrics or solid colors that are rich and sophisticated.

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