When to Do Drone Photography?

Drone photography services has been defined as the capturing of video and still images by a remote-controlled or remotely-piloted unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or, more precisely, by a camera that is mounted on or near the aerial vehicle. Many RC enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals use this photography to build their own remote-controlled planes, helicopters, and more. Using a variety of imaging equipment, these hobbyists often seek out areas that may not have been previously accessible using traditional aerial photography.

Capture Precious Moments: As an example, if you are interested in taking aerial photographs of your daughter’s baseball practice, you may initially want to visit the field during a game, but if you’re lucky, you may be able to shoot a few action shots of the players and play the video back to make sure you captured everything perfectly. However, what if there was a problem? What if, for instance, her pitcher was unavailable? If you were unable to visit during game time, it would be very difficult to capture still shots at that point because if you were to attempt to connect with the camera, your connection would be severed. When this happens, drone photography provides the perfect opportunity to capture stunning aerial photographs. By being able to link up with the camera through your radio signal, you can then receive the video feed from the drone camera and transfer the images to your laptop.

Drone Filming Assists in Wedding Planning: Another instance where drone photography can be very useful comes during the planning stages of a wedding day. For a couple who has decided to marry in a foreign country, not knowing the customs and laws can be a huge risk. You may not know if you can even fly the UAV straight over the fence into the country or if there will even be a sufficient runway to safely launch the craft.

Drone Solar Panel Inspection and More: There are ways to solve this problem using drone photography like do drone inspection of solar panels. If you are able to setup a permanent line of communication between you and the remote control, you can use that line to safely transmit the aerial photographs back and forth. Once you have arranged and trained your drone to fly autonomously around the perimeter of the runway, you can then instruct it to hover right above the proposed location and simply remain there for you. After taking the photographs, you can then upload them to your computer and watch the footage to appear on your television screen.

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