Why Choose BFGoodrich Tyres Over Other Tyres?

BFGoodrich Tyres have long been regarded as one of the most popular and reliable makers of high performance off road tyres. With an uncompromised emphasis on superior quality and functionality, BFGoodrich Tyres provide a high quality tyre at affordable rates. The innovative FitTune technology is an integral part of all these tyres and ensures that your tyre is fitted perfectly to the vehicle. This ensures that you get optimum comfort and support when driving your car.

You will discover a large choice of colours, materials and designs when you start your search for the most suitable Tyre for your needs. These high quality tyres are designed to complement any colour of car or truck and offer off-road driving experience whenever and wherever possible. You can use these tyres on most surfaces – sand, mud, slush, snow, gravel, mud or loose soil. The innovative FitTune technology ensures that your tyre is fitted precisely to your vehicle, ensuring that there are no defects when driving your car. Most importantly, most off-road tyres offer exceptional handling and the ability to take the toughest driving situations.

Each tyre manufacturer and Dubai tyres shop Al Quoz has its own unique specifications for their tyres. Although most tyre manufacturers claim that they have the best tyres for off-road and racing use, not all types can deliver the same performance results. It is therefore important to choose only those tyres that meet your individual requirements. Some of the top selling tyres include Goodyear, Dunlop, Maxxis, Continental and Pirelli. These tyre manufacturers make use of various technologies including Pirelli’s Air Mass and Goodyear’s Torque Control.

Goodyear has been a long time partner of many racing organisations and therefore it is one of the most recognized tyre manufacturers in the world. Goodyear produces tyres for the all-terrain vehicles such as trucks, SUV’s and 4-wheel drive. They are perfect for off-road and extreme conditions. Goodyear tyres are highly durable, which means that you will not need to replace your tyres frequently. Another advantage of using Goodyear tyres is that they offer excellent handling and braking performance.

Maxxis is another pioneer in off-road tyres. Their tyres are used extensively by off-road enthusiasts worldwide because of their excellent traction, reliability and dependability. Maxxis tyres are especially suited to off-road driving, because they feature deep grooves to prevent the formation of hydroplaning. They have excellent handling and braking performance, which ensure you do not experience any slipping or vibration.

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