Challenges involved in starting a pharmacy

The contest is huge when it reaches your retail pharmacy corporation, so it is essential that you spend a nice percentage of time exploring the market and understanding where the demand lies. Most firms in this field go to the pharmaceutical distributors in UAE or manufacturer path, which is not a bad thing at all. Still, chancing upon the right supplier can bring a lot of duration, power and trial. If it is finished appropriately, this procedure can save you months; if not years of energy and time.

The motivation of workers

If you intend to have a sales or content department on board, discovering creative paths to encourage them can be a real challenge. Therefore, it is essential that you are able to deliver tremendous incentives and a decent work atmosphere for your workers.

Low margins

The awful margins for your retail pharmacy company and medical equipments in Dubai are generally around 43 per cent, which can bring about more demanding to incur new expenditures and maintain profitability.

Increased worker turnover

In a commercial pharmacy corporation, worker turnover is often big, which can absolutely rely upon expensive and time absorbing for your company. It is essential to try and prevent this as much as possible by proposing a competitive salary, advantages, and an encouraging work atmosphere.


As a commercial pharmacy company, you generally give self-employment taxes which can be relatively great. It is essential to know that what you will be paying in taxes every year so you can decide if the work you are taking on is worth it.

Increased overhead expenses

When beginning a commercial pharmacy company, there are overhead expenditures that arrive with selling a physical product. Although, you will want to make it obvious you strategically fund these overhead expenses. You may wish to charge sales tax. And if you are selling your products in several Emirates, you may be expected to charge sales tax. However, this may not affect your financials precisely, it can be a headache to build a procedure for this.

Mentioned above were a few challenges faced by individuals interested in establishing a pharmacy. If you can handle them, go ahead and give it your best shot!

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