How to study at home

Maybe we have all dreamt of not having to go to school and turns out that the pandemic has made our dreams come true, yet the only difference is that it now seems more of a nightmare. With online classes and everything happening inside, it kind of has become very difficult to manage studies. Studying and home without a distraction now feels like a joke. But if you really want to know some secret tips to acing British curriculum school in Dubai from home, then keep on reading:

  • Sleep

Because the schools are no longer in the picture and the routine of waking up early in the morning seems to be disrupted therefore you must feel like the night is yours and stay up late. This is ruining your health and study routine too. You need to be sure of the fact that you are taking a full night’s sleep so that your brain is ready to work and absorb things better. Studying with a sleepy brain is never a good idea.

  • Make a study schedule

We are not asking you to make a timetable and study one subject at a day or any such advice. The real advice in here is how you need to make sure that you are dedicating at least a part of your day to studying and not completely skipping it off. You can have a schedule where you study for an hour and play for two but the important part here would be at least you are studying because something is better than nothing.

  • Have a study area

It is very important that you consider having a study space. It doesn’t specifically have to be a study desk, in fact it could be on the comfort of your own bed. This will help you a lot in getting in the mood of study when you walk towards your desk and see all the material already laid out so that you can pick up studying right back from where you left. Just make sure that the space is clean and organized to help you in staying focused while studying from home in British international school in Dubai.

There are so many other helpful tips but the above ones should at least get you started. Be focused and be determined, and you’ll surely achieve what you aim for.

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