How is tobacco processed?

We know that every type of plant gives off something that could be made useful for mankind. Those plants could be processed in any shape or form so that they can be used by the general people. One such product that is a result of the tobacco is the Manchester cigarettes. In this article we will be letting you know as to how a tobacco is processed in a way to utilize in many different products. After this type of processing the tobacco companies UAE can use to for further stages. The whole processing of tobacco is mentioned below in this article.

Leaf and stem preparing

The very first step of the whole processing is the picking of fresh leaves from the fields of tobacco. The leaves are carefully collected, stocked and then sent away to the factories for further treating. The freshly picked leaves are then stuffed into a chamber where they are treated with high pressure of heat and high pressure of steam. This makes the leaves more in a desirable condition and fit for further use. Each chamber has separate nozzles which are controlled so that they have the chance to inject in different pressures of heat and steam. After being treated in the chambers, the leaves are now ready to be sent to the threshing stage of the process.

Threshing of tobacco

The most basic purpose of the thresher is the separation of different components of the leaves. The heat treated leaves are fed into different threshers where they move on a vibrating belt which helps separate the stem of the leaf from the lamina. There are various drums and blades on each thresher which cut the two parts of the leaf apart. This process eventually leads to a big pile of stems and lamina. The refined lamina is then sent onto the next process while the remaining pile is sent again to the thresher for further distribution. The process repeats until all the stem and lamina gets separated.


The lamina is sent into drying or dehydrating chambers where the moisture content of each lamina is made uniform since all of them have very different water content. It is important to make the level of moisture uniform in order to have a product of the same quality.

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